I have finally found something to stop my acne at age 34! I was skeptical at first because I’ve tried so many products over the years but after one week I could immediately see an improvement. Now, after using it 4 months I will never use another product ever again. Most acne fighting creams dry out your skin and are too strong for daily use. Nothing to Hide is gentle but extremely effective in keeping acne away. Wish i would have found NOTHING TO HIDE sooner! Thank you for making a gently, non drying, effective, and affordable product!

Thank you for making this product. I’ve never found a topical product to reduce oil that actually worked! I’m amazed! Typically it would take 3 blotting papers on my face to soak up all the oils at the end of the work day, and now it only takes 1. My makeup stays in place, and my skin feels less irritated. I’ve only used it 1 week so the verdict is still out if it will help the folliculitis and rosacea. The oiliness was actually more embarrassing than the bumps for me! I’m so happy that I dont have to worry about looking shiny anymore.

I have been using Nothing to Hide for years. It has completely changed my skin, and life. My skin is no longer extremely oily. My skin is completely normal. I never experience breakouts anymore. I rarely get one tiny pimple and that’s it! I’m in love with this product. Maybe you could formulate a shampoo?? I have extremely oily hair and I know that your formulation would fix this issue too 🙂

I’ve been using PlexyLabs for several years now. As I’ve said before, I’ve used every product over the counter and prescription short of Accutane; and this is BY FAR the best product. This is the longest my face has remained clear. Please don’t stop making this PHENOMENAL product!

I have been using PlexyLabs for years now after being diagnosed with painful and embarrassing peri oral dermatitis by my dermatologist. I tried the creams and treatments prescribed to me (both topical and pills taken orally) that we’re not only very expensive, but burned terribly. A few months after the treatments my painful dermatitis would return. Seeking out alternatives PlexyLabs was recommended to me. Not only has it healed my peri oral dermatitis patches and discomfort, it has also cleared up my skin keeping it blemish free. I use it daily and will continue to! It works!

—Tessa F.

I have had a recurring, painful, itchy rash for years-much worse in summer. Biopsied and diagnosed as Grover’s disease, my dermatologist prescribed high-dosage cortisone cream, which gave little to no relief. After using Plexylabs one time, I’ve applied it exclusively, for over a year now, as part of my daily hygiene regimen, and will continue to do so. My skin is consistently healthy and comfortable and, even in extreme heat and humidity. Almost completely rash free.

Thank you
—Joyce S.

What a marvelous product! I have had a bad case of milia for years on my cheeks and especially on my chin. I received some relief by going to the dermatologist who lanced the cysts and extracted the keratin. It was a painful and expensive process and only provided a temporary solution as new cysts continued to form. When I found Nothing To Hide, the price was so reasonable that I decided to try it, although I wasn’t expecting much. I had tried all the expensive creams, even those recommended by the dermatologist; they did nothing. To my amazement, Nothing To Hide works! It has prevented new cysts from forming and is slowly clearing up the old cysts. I highly recommend this product.

Mary Lee

I have been using this since January and I absolutely love it! I have Rosacea, oily skin, acne, and wrinkles. I’m 57 and this product has calmed my rosacea down substantially. When I feel a blemish coming on I no longer worry. This stuff is extremely anti inflammatory….it will take blemishes away before they surface. I now rarely get a blemish though. And it actually leaves a matte finish which I love! It works well under my foundation, too. Since this product has Zinc Oxide in it I would assume that it has some degree of sun protection even though it doesn’t say. I can’t find a sunblock for my face that I like that isn’t shiney or white.
I would love it if Plexy Labs would come up with a Sunblock that isn’t sticky, greasy or shiney….that would be awesome.
I hope I never have to live without “Nothing To Hide”. It is a Godsend!


I’ve been using Nothing to Hide for over 3 years. It is by far the best, most effective product I’ve ever used.


This is the best product I have used to control rosacea. It’s also the only non-toxic remedy I’ve found that works. It doesn’t smell, goes on smoothly and is non-drying. I use it nightly and my breakouts have been few and far between and much less severe since using this product.