I have had HORRIBLE acne for the last couple years. I have tried a huge number of products that have done little or nothing for my acne. This product has really helped. I am just finishing my first bottle and my skin is so much better and different than when i started. Thankyou Plexy Labs! I hope this product continues to help and my skin can heal completely! Ill leave another review after a while longer with this product.


The best, I repeat best facial lotion I have ever used. I no longer have adult acne breakouts and I couldn’t be happier!!! Love, love, love this lotion!

Mary Meredith

I initially ordered this great product for my teenager, but I am now 52 and have struggled with acne since I was 13. While things have calmed down a lot with menopause, I hoped it would clear the congestion in my chin from having acne for so long. When I came across this product and read how it works, it resonated with me and gave me hope there might be one more thing out there I should try. I am THRILLED to report it works SO WELL. A little goes a long way, and the tube lasts for about 3 months. I also use it for spot treatments, and eczema that happens on my hand. It works and the price is great. I also noticed it took care of my skin when it was damaged from cold weather, it’s a great base/primer for makeup, and my teen also raves about it. I will definitely be reordering this soon! Thank yoooou from the heart; this is SUCH a helpful product.

Ilona S.

I was prescribed all kinds of topical antibiotics by my doctor and nothing really worked because in the long run my acne would come back. I love this product though! I’ve been using it for around a month and wanted to wait to review so I could be sure it worked. Well I must say I am surprised and very pleased. It has reduced my hormonal acne around my chin and if any zit does come up it is really small and goes away faster than it usually would. The key is using this morning and night. My only complaint is I have oily skin and I find that this does make my chin look really shiney after a couple hours but that’s not a big deal. This product is super soothing and the scent is so pleasant and light you can barely notice it which is great because I hate perfumes and my skin is sensitive. I plan to order this again and I was not paid to make this review. It really is just that awesome!


I have the kind of acne that doesnt resond well to drying. Your product is definitely helping with this problem. Just started using abot 2 weeks ago.


Since i started using this my face looks a lot clear I’ve bought like 6 times already and will keep on buying it I recommend this to everyone out there who suffers acne and want a solution fast. This works.


Amazing stuff. Keeps breakouts in check. Can use as a facial moisturizer as well. Most importantly, uses no chemicals!


I’ve suffered with acne for over two decades. I’ve done everything I can naturally: consulted regularly with a naturopath, acupuncture, studied esthiology, changed my diet drastically (which turned out to be for the better anyway). My naturopath handed this to me one day and asked me to try it out. Three days later, my world was shaken. It was exhilarating and alarming to see a clear face in the mirror. I spent more than 20 years obsessing over my skin, sure that this was going to be a lifelong part of my identity. It is not an exaggeration to say that this product completely changed my life. I feel more confident about the face I present to the world, more confident to speak, to appear in the public. I cannot speak highly enough about this product and have bought several tubes for friends. Thank you PlexyLabs – this product is a game-changer.


I use Nothing to Hide on a daily basis and it keeps my skin clear and smooth with less wrinkles. Would recommend this to anybody who has skin problems of any kind. A $15 investment can change things for you like you would not expect. Thank you Plexy Labs for creating Nothing to Hide!


My skin has had trouble for as long as I can remember. Now that I’m older you’d think it would stop, well it has now thanks to your product. Cleared up my acne prone skin, my skin color is more even and less wrinkles. Thank you for the awesome blessing of beautiful skin!