Aloe verses ‘Nothing to Hide’ for Psoriasis

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Christine Austin

I’ve been looking for someone to try ‘Nothing to Hide’ on Psoriasis for the last 6 years and I had absolutely no luck talking them into trying the product.  I’m not a salesman or saleswomen.  But I have been curious to know if it would work and how well.  I had one lady tell me she used aloe, and I ask her if it did the trick and was it gone.  She said No, but that’s what I use.  She didn’t want to try our product.  I thought to myself is that what we do in life; settle for no answers to our problems, quit trying, give up and settle for second best.  Throw the towel in and quit.  I think we do this with a lot of things in life.  Especially when it comes to our health, we need to take charge, research, learn what’s good for this and what’s good for that.  Dig down deep inside and pull out some will power, and make some good changes to our diet.

Aloe if it works that’s great, but after using it for a few months and there is only a slight change or no change at all. Why settle for not solving the issue.  Surely we need to do what we can internally with our diets, supplements, even herbs and medications.  I can’t stress that enough about eating better ,and how it helps everything.  Remember Garbage in Garbage out, on my last two blog’s.  But after trying a product for several months and you see no difference, move on to something else.  Do your research, ask a Doctor or a Naturopathic Dr. or the people that work at the health food stores.  Also look at the people your asking, do they look healthy, and do they look in good shape for there age, do they have great skin.  If your not getting answers, move on but don’t quit.

Well I received a great review from Canada on Facebook, clients using ‘Nothing to Hide’ on Psoriasis that was an awesome thing to read and I’m pleased to be helping people with Psoriasis.  Thank you for the reviews, we feel Blessed to be helping people.  I hope my blog encourages everyone to never give up and don’t throw in the towel.

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