Before and AftersSteve Hilburn




Name: Ariel
Location: Denver, Colorado

*“Nothing to Hide really works! From high school into my early 20’s I had struggled with acne. I tried everything from over the counter skin care, name brands, to prescriptions, nothing worked. I was always self-conscious and embarrassed with white head and large under the skin pimples. Over a year ago I tried Nothing to Hide. I use the cream after washing my face. It is fragrance-free, non-irritating and non-greasy. It absorbs fast leaving my face moisturized. In 2 weeks of using Plexylabs Nothing to Hide I saw results. My acne cleared up completely and did not return. To this day, I am acne free. I never thought I could have clear and beautiful skin but now I do! Thank you for such an amazing product!”




Name: Edith
Age: 30
Location: San Carlos, Mexico

*“After years of trying several over the counter acne products with failure all the time. Friends recommended Nothing to Hide, just a week into using it I noticed a change right away.

I have really bad acne and oily skin, right away there was less shine.

It’s been about 5 months and my face feels and looks great. Less redness less bumps and looking forward to a more clear skin.

Thanks to Plexy Labs Nothing to Hide.”