Hormonal Acne 101 – part1

Categories:Nothing To Hide
Steve Hilburn

Having skin that is hypertensive to hormonal fluctuations can be detrimental when it comes to trying to maintain a clear complexion. Hormonal sensitivity is a tricky subject because often times it is not talked about within the skin care community. You can find countless articles and studies about acne treatments that work to lessen inflammation caused by bacteria or by increasing skin cell turnover with the topical application of acids. With all of these articles and studies you never once find one about what hormones cause acne or even the extreme skin sensitivity some people have to these hormones. The one question that always comes to people that have acne is, “Why do some people never get a pimple, or why does their skin always look so flawless!?” Most people ask themselves these question but never really look into the science behind hormonal acne. Why would we need to do our own research when big name companies are selling us the products that we supposedly need for clear skin.