Hormonal Acne During Menopause

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Steve Hilburn

Many people struggle with acne the majority of their life, starting with a pimply face in their early teens. Our hormones may finally calm down for a while as we reach adulthood, only to go haywire again during menopause.

Menopausal acne, an unfortunate symptom many women have to deal with, is caused by an increase of androgenic hormones in the female body. While there are numerous products and methods we’ve all tried to rid our skin of acne, some are better at clearing the problem than others.

One such product is “Nothing to Hide”, an all-natural based acne treatment with a unique formula, which is the first of its kind when it comes to treating acne with the topical use of Beta-Sitosterol in a well-balanced moisturizing lotion. This compound works to lessen the severity of acne and other sebaceous gland disorders, while moisturizing the skin and reducing lines.

Users of “Nothing to Hide” have noticed drastic changes in their complexion, as well as improvement with a number of skin conditions some thought would never go away. “Nothing to Hide” can be found online and at the local New Life Health Center.

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