I use Nothing to Hide on a daily basis and it keeps my skin clear and smooth with less wrinkles. Would recommend this to anybody who has skin problems of any kind. A $15 investment can change things for you like you would not expect. Thank you Plexy Labs for creating Nothing to Hide!


My skin has had trouble for as long as I can remember. Now that I’m older you’d think it would stop, well it has now thanks to your product. Cleared up my acne prone skin, my skin color is more even and less wrinkles. Thank you for the awesome blessing of beautiful skin!


Plexylabs is your answer! I had painfully cracked heels in the Tucson summers. I tried every product I could find to help but NOTHING works like this. I put it on my feet that first night and the NEXT DAY they were almost completely healed. Now after my morning shower I just put some on my feet and any other rough spots to maintain the softness. This has been a Godsend!! Thank you, Plexylabs!! Now I have nothing to hide!!


Love this product! My skin feels smoother and looks so much better!


I purchased this product for my grand daughter and she really likes it I see a big difference in her skin. I now have purchased some for my grandson I’m hoping it works as well for him.

Helen Butler

I’ve tried a lot of different cleansers and lotions but none compare to nothing to hide!! Everyone’s noticed a difference and my skin feels smother and looks so amazing!! It’s a difference you can see and feel after just a few days .. I’m hooked!!


I’ve had problem skin since I was a teenager (I’m in my 50s). I wish I had this product back then. I’ve been using Nothing to Hide for about a year. I love it, the improvement in my skin is nothing less than remarkable!


The company ships so fast and you get a large tube for little money vs. Other acne products. This immediately improved my face … a 50 something woman who is postmenopausal and breaking out daily and badly on my face. I immediately bought a second tube. Don’t want to be without it! Highly recommend it. Heard of Nothing to Hide from my nutritionist.

Laura Berendson

My daughter and I have been using this product for about a year and a half now and WE LOVE IT!!! We don’t break out like we use to, our faces are clear and not oily, I just cant say enough about this product. It is a must try, I’ve used everything from expensive department store products to your typical everyday drug store products and we hands down have had the best results with nothing to hide.


As an actress in an ever increasing industry of Ultra-HD, it’s become more and more imperative to have flawless skin. Before Nothing to Hide, I found getting my makeup done to be an arduous process that no matter the amount of coverage, always left me lightly concerned with the final product, as no amount of foundation can hide dry or bumpy skin.
After being introduced to Plexy Labs, I was shocked at how quickly, and painlessly the product took effect. I noticed some pretty radical differences within just a few days, and naturally began recommending this ingenious lotion to my friends and colleagues. Even makeup artists I was working with started commenting on the smoothness, and clarity of my skin, and it felt nice to finally be confident; Confident that I could go on set and not worry about the HD lenses capturing every pore, or imperfection.
The makers of Nothing to Hide have truly hit on something magical and also something that is so scientifically sound, it’s a wonder the world has lived without it for so long. I feel great recommending this product to everyone and anyone looking for radiant skin… the skin you were meant to have!

Dominique Lalonde