As an actress in an ever increasing industry of Ultra-HD, it’s become more and more imperative to have flawless skin. Before Nothing to Hide, I found getting my makeup done to be an arduous process that no matter the amount of coverage, always left me lightly concerned with the final product, as no amount of foundation can hide dry or bumpy skin.
After being introduced to Plexy Labs, I was shocked at how quickly, and painlessly the product took effect. I noticed some pretty radical differences within just a few days, and naturally began recommending this ingenious lotion to my friends and colleagues. Even makeup artists I was working with started commenting on the smoothness, and clarity of my skin, and it felt nice to finally be confident; Confident that I could go on set and not worry about the HD lenses capturing every pore, or imperfection.
The makers of Nothing to Hide have truly hit on something magical and also something that is so scientifically sound, it’s a wonder the world has lived without it for so long. I feel great recommending this product to everyone and anyone looking for radiant skin… the skin you were meant to have!

Dominique Lalonde

Since I’ve been using Nothing To Hide I have noticed the ugly bumps especially on my forehead have diminished. My skin looks a lot clearer.


Plexy Lab’s “Nothing to Hide” cream has given me less break-outs, without the usual dryness of other acne treatments, and it has made my skin look healthier overall. I am looking forward to other products from the company.


My 12 year old son and I have been using Plexy Lab for 6 months. I have noticed how smooth, even and clear-especially of blackheads- my face has become. As for my son, he breaks out mainly where his hat rubs on his forehead, since his been using the cream forehead it has cleared up and rarely does a blemish form now! Also his face is blemish free and for a pre-teen that’s a big thing. We love your product. Thank you.


I’ve been using the Plexylabs Moisturizer for quite a while, I have to say that I saw a difference right away it took my acne away and I must say it’s probably one of the best moisturizers I’ve used. It’s a high quality product and I would recommend it to everyone who has acne.


Plexy Labs has been more beneficial to my skin than any other acne medication I’ve ever used. It’s just like lotion, so it doesn’t cause any dryness to occur and still reduces my acne incredibly. I would recommend this to all my friends who suffer from acne, as it’s the best choice around. I wish this product had been around sooner


I was introduced to Nothing to Hide cream from a friend of mine last month. Within a week of using this product I noticed a remarkable improvement with my face. I have tried tons of products in the past to fight acne, but none has worked for me. So if you have acne problems it wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to try it because it could be the answer to your problem.