About UsSteve Hilburn

Combining science with nature, we create transformative beauty products that heal your skin from within and make you younger, glowing and more beautiful!

PlexyLabs is an all-natural skin care line with a wavering slogan “science in nature.” We, at Plexy Labs are here to nourish you with our 100% natural skin care product “Nothing to Hide.” It is a meticulously tried and tested product to treat skin problems. Nothing to Hide has been specifically designed to treat natural acne problems with organic compounds such beta-sitosterol.

Our product is a complete combo deal of science and nature. It keeps your skins hydrated, clean and well-nourished and prevents acne breakouts by regulating sebum production in skin cells. All of our products are a result of extensive research and accurate testing of product directly on human skin. We, at Plexy Labs, use 100% natural and organic ingredients.

We believe in making your skin thrive and glow rather than just surviving – making you look younger and flawless with a perfect glowing skin.

Our product “Nothing to Hide” is manufactured to treat all skin problems and every skin type at every age-level. “Nothing to hide” is not your ordinary solution to the so-ordinary acne problem. In fact, it is a complete package that promises acne-free fresh, glowing skin at an affordable price.

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