We were referred to Plexy labs by our naturopathic physician and we have been using it for over a year now.  My daughter first began using it for acne, and it has helped calm and prevent her cystic acne. My son has started using it to prevent breakouts. He cannot stand putting sunscreen or any “slimy” things on his skin but he does not mind using Plexy labs. I have been using it to prevent hormonal acne and eczema flare ups. I also use it anywhere on my skin. Whenever I begin to feel irritation I put some on and it calms my skin right away. Thank you for this wonderful product!




I had terrible come and go acne for the latter half of my 20's. After I became fed up with terrible acne every couple of weeks; I visited my parent's naturopath. She recommended Plexy Labs and the Nothing to Hide lotion. I gave it a shot, and within a few days my breakout was diminished and my skin was brighter. I continued with using the lotion daily and found that even when I did get breakouts they were minor, and gone within a day or two. On top of that my light scar spots are gone, and skin looks smoother and brighter. I've continued purchasing and using Nothing to Hide for the last year-and-a-half. 

-Q. H.



I have had a recurring, painful, itchy rash for years – much worse in summer. Biopsied and diagnosed as Grover’s Disease, my dermatologist prescribed high- dosage cortisone cream, which gave little to no relief.

After using Plexy Labs one time, I’ve applied it exclusively, for over a year now, as part of my daily hygiene regimen and will continue to do so. My Skin is consistently healthy and comfortable even in extreme heat and humidity, almost completely rash free.

Thank You, 




I have been using this since January and I absolutely love it! I have Rosacea, oily skin, acne, and wrinkles. I’m 57 and this product has calmed my rosacea down substantially. When I feel a blemish coming on I no longer worry. This stuff is extremely anti inflammatory....it will take blemishes away before they surface. I now rarely get a blemish though. And it actually leaves a matte finish which I love! It works well under my foundation, too. Since this product has Zinc Oxide in it I would assume that it has some degree of sun protection even though it doesn’t say. I can’t find a sunblock for my face that I like that isn’t shiny or white. 

I would love it if Plexy Labs would come up with a Sunblock that isn’t sticky, greasy or shiny....that would be awesome.
I hope I never have to live without “Nothing To Hide”. It is a Godsend! 



I have been using Nothing to Hide for years. It has completely changed my skin, and life. My skin is no longer extremely oily. My skin is completely normal. I never experience breakouts anymore. I rarely get one tiny pimple and that’s it! I’m in love with this product. Maybe you could formulate a shampoo?? I have extremely oily hair and I know that your formulation would fix this issue too 


      My 12 year old son and I have been using Plexy Lab for 6 months. I have noticed how smooth, even and clear-especially of blackheads- my face has become. As for my son, he breaks out mainly where his hat rubs on his forehead, since his been using the cream forehead it has cleared up and rarely does a blemish form now! Also his face is blemish free and for a pre-teen that’s a big thing. We love your product. Thank you.



The company ships so fast and you get a large tube for little money vs. Other acne products. This immediately improved my face ... a 50 something woman who is postmenopausal and breaking out daily and badly on my face. I immediately bought a second tube. Don’t want to be without it! Highly recommend it. Heard of Nothing to Hide from my nutritionist. 


Laura Berendson 



I’ve suffered with acne for over two decades. I’ve done everything I can naturally: consulted regularly with a naturopath, acupuncture, studied esthiology, changed my diet drastically (which turned out to be for the better anyway). My naturopath handed this to me one day and asked me to try it out. Three days later, my world was shaken. It was exhilarating and alarming to see a clear face in the mirror. I spent more than 20 years obsessing over my skin, sure that this was going to be a lifelong part of my identity. It is not an exaggeration to say that this product completely changed my life. I feel more confident about the face I present to the world, more confident to speak, to appear in the public. I cannot speak highly enough about this product and have bought several tubes for friends. Thank you PlexyLabs – this product is a game-changer. 





As an actress in an ever increasing industry of Ultra-HD, it’s become more and more imperative to have flawless skin. Before Nothing to Hide, I found getting my makeup done to be an arduous process that no matter the amount of coverage, always left me lightly concerned with the final product, as no amount of foundation can hide dry or bumpy skin. After being introduced to Plexy Labs, I was shocked at how quickly, and painlessly the product took effect. I noticed some pretty radical differences within just a few days, and naturally began recommending this ingenious lotion to my friends and colleagues. Even makeup artists I was working with started commenting on the smoothness, and clarity of my skin, and it felt nice to finally be confident; Confident that I could go on set and not worry about the HD lenses capturing every pore, or imperfection.
The makers of Nothing to Hide have truly hit on something magical and also something that is so scientifically sound, it’s a wonder the world has lived without it for so long. I feel great recommending this product to everyone and anyone looking for radiant skin... the skin you were meant to have! 


Dominique Lalonde 

Dominique Lalonde "nothing to hide" promo

Actress, Dominique Lalonde (The Interview, Nine Lives of Christmas) uses and promotes "Nothing To Hide". You should too!



I’ve been using the Plexylabs Moisturizer for quite a while, I have to say that I saw a difference right away it took my acne away and I must say it’s probably one of the best moisturizers I’ve used. It’s a high quality product and I would recommend it to everyone who has acne. 





Plexy Labs has been more beneficial to my skin than any other acne medication I’ve ever used. It’s just like lotion, so it doesn’t cause any dryness to occur and still reduces my acne incredibly. I would recommend this to all my friends who suffer from acne, as it’s the best choice around. I wish this product had been around sooner 





I was introduced to Nothing to Hide cream from a friend of mine last month. Within a week of using this product I noticed a remarkable improvement with my face. I have tried tons of products in the past to fight acne, but none has worked for me. So if you have acne problems it wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to try it because it could be the answer to your problem. 




My skin has had trouble for as long as I can remember. Now that I’m older you’d think it would stop, well it has now thanks to your product. Cleared up my acne prone skin, my skin color is more even and less wrinkles. Thank you for the awesome blessing of beautiful skin! 




I have finally found something to stop my acne at age 34! I was skeptical at first because I’ve tried so many products over the years but after one week I could immediately see an improvement. Now, after using it 4 months I will never use another product ever again. Most acne fighting creams dry out your skin and are too strong for daily use. Nothing to Hide is gentle but extremely effective in keeping acne away. Wish i would have found NOTHING TO HIDE sooner! Thank you for making a gently, non drying, effective, and affordable product! 



I initially ordered this great product for my teenager, but I am now 52 and have struggled with acne since I was 13. While things have calmed down a lot with menopause, I hoped it would clear the congestion in my chin from having acne for so long. When I came across this product and read how it works, it resonated with me and gave me hope there might be one more thing out there I should try. I am THRILLED to report it works SO WELL. A little goes a long way, and the tube lasts for about 3 months. I also use it for spot treatments, and eczema that happens on my hand. It works and the price is great. I also noticed it took care of my skin when it was damaged from cold weather, it’s a great base/primer for makeup, and my teen also raves about it. I will definitely be reordering this soon! Thank yoooou from the heart; this is SUCH a helpful product. 

-Ilona S.


Ilona Sargeant "Nothing To Hide" Review

Check out this great testimonial from our Canadian customer, Ilona! Review starts at 1:45

Thanks, Ilona!


     I have been using PlexyLabs for years now after being diagnosed with painful and embarrassing perioral dermatitis by my dermatologist. I tried the creams and treatments prescribed to me (both topical and pills taken orally) that we’re not only very expensive, but burned terribly. A few months after the treatments my painful dermatitis would return. Seeking out alternatives PlexyLabs was recommended to me. Not only has it healed my peri oral dermatitis patches and discomfort, it has also cleared up my skin keeping it blemish free. I use it daily and will continue to! It works! 

—Tessa F. 


     What a marvelous product! I have had a bad case of milia for years on my cheeks and especially on my chin. I received some relief by going to the dermatologist who lanced the cysts and extracted the keratin. It was a painful and expensive process and only provided a temporary solution as new cysts continued to form. When I found Nothing To Hide, the price was so reasonable that I decided to try it, although I wasn’t expecting much. I had tried all the expensive creams, even those recommended by the dermatologist; they did nothing. To my amazement, Nothing To Hide works! It has prevented new cysts from forming and is slowly clearing up the old cysts. I highly recommend this product. 


      This is the best product I have used to control rosacea. It’s also the only non-toxic remedy I’ve found that works. It doesn’t smell, goes on smoothly and is non-drying. I use it nightly and my breakouts have been few and far between and much less severe since using this product. 

 - Helene 


      I use Nothing to Hide on a daily basis and it keeps my skin clear and smooth with less wrinkles. Would recommend this to anybody who has skin problems of any kind. A $15 investment can change things for you like you would not expect. Thank you Plexy Labs for creating Nothing to Hide! 

-  Barbara 



Plexylabs is your answer! I had painfully cracked heels in the Tucson summers. I tried every product I could find to help but NOTHING works like this. I put it on my feet that first night and the NEXT DAY they were almost completely healed. Now after my morning shower I just put some on my feet and any other rough spots to maintain the softness. This has been a Godsend!! Thank you, Plexylabs!! Now I have nothing to hide!! 

- Becky 


I’ve been dealing with acne for over 20 years. I started using the product 5 months ago, I LOVE it. My skin is nearly 100% better. Not harsh at all on my sensitive skin. I’ve “trashed” my face with everything over the counter to most prescription medications short of Accutane and NOTHING compares to Plexylabs. I highly recommend this product without any hesitation! THANK YOU for creating this product!!!

Angel Miller

Before and after



Name: Ariel
Location: Denver, Colorado



*“Nothing to Hide really works! From high school into my early 20’s I had struggled with acne. I tried everything from over the counter skin care, name brands, to prescriptions, nothing worked. I was always self-conscious and embarrassed with white head and large under the skin pimples. Over a year ago I tried Nothing to Hide. I use the cream after washing my face. It is fragrance-free, non-irritating and non-greasy. It absorbs fast leaving my face moisturized. In 2 weeks of using Plexylabs Nothing to Hide I saw results. My acne cleared up completely and did not return. To this day, I am acne free. I never thought I could have clear and beautiful skin but now I do! Thank you for such an amazing product!”



Name: Edith
Age: 30
Location: San Carlos, Mexico



*“After years of trying several over the counter acne products with failure all the time. Friends recommended Nothing to Hide, just a week into using it I noticed a change right away.

I have really bad acne and oily skin, right away there was less shine.

It’s been about 5 months and my face feels and looks great. Less redness less bumps and looking forward to a more clear skin.

Thanks to Plexy Labs Nothing to Hide.”